Board Of Directors

Mr. Vikas Pundir (CMD)
Mr. Vikas Pundir has been on an eternal quest to build a better and stronger India. Over the years, he has shown courage and steadfast commitment to creating value and setting excellent standards in the real estate industry. In a career spanning more than one decade, Mr. Vikas Pundir has been a pioneer in changing the landscape of realty business. A visionary with years of experience behind him, Mr. Pundir has the right pulse on the realty sector, the way it functions and importantly the way it is poised to grow in the near and far future. Mr. Pundir has shown exemplary leadership qualities in bringing world class standards, best practices, and state-of-the-art technology not just to Gold Coast but the industry at large.

He is a harbinger of the novel and innovative ideas in the industry. Mr. Pundir enjoys playing golf when he is at leisure. He loves the company of books and Indian classical music. Mr. Vikas Pundir is widely known for his unreserved enthusiasm in extending assistance to the endeavours in respect of Mass marriages of the Poor and Needy, Educational programmes for poor Children, Donations to religious institutions, Welfare programmes during natural calamities and also medical assistance to the poor, generous contributions for sponsoring children associating with Non-Government voluntary organizations like CRYS & REACH, ISKON TRUST etc

Mr. Siddharth Pundir (MD)
He is young, talented and full of energy. Mr.Siddharth Pundir studied business management and had sharpened his business acumen and diplomacy over the years through his skills and training in India and abroad. He combines the wisdom of his lineage with the new-age mantra of business leadership. Mr.Siddharth comes with years of experience, deep understanding and different exposure in the real estate sector. An expert at successfully negotiating deals that have helped benefit the group companies. He has several of them to his credit.

Mr.Siddharth has a fondness for Sports Like football and books. He loves to be in the mountains when he is away from the office. Mr.Siddharth Pundir is the Managing Director of SKB Group or Gold Coast, and he is responsible for the day to day operations and functioning of the company. Mr. Siddharth Pundir has a very broad background that spans marketing; he is well known and respected in the professional community and has been responsible for successful delivery of some of the most prestigious Projects like Gold Coast.